Capitan Hook´s Log- Day 1

Adventure in Cancun / April 2017

Pirate Galleon at Cancun

Today we sailed somewhere around the Caribbean, my guessing is that we are near cancún or it´s nearby’s.

We´ve been sailing for 120 days now, the crew its very excited since we´ve been picking up people so we can entertain ourselves; some of them appear to be crazy everytime they dance the boom shakalaka they like to come in squadrons those tourists.

Adventure in Cancun

The red Galleon its stronger than ever but Arrgg last nite we saw what appears to be the Black pearl with that scurvy old dog of Jack Sparrow.

It shivers me timbers just to think he will be coming after my treasure… The best thing is to go north where I’ll try to find my mate Captain Mundaca, together we can finally end with the black pearl & Jack Sparrow.

I´ll put a reward on his head, maybe you would like to sail with me next time and help me get Jack Sparrow. 

If you are reading this and you want to be part of the crew meet me at this location, this coordinates will help you find me 21.1431975,-86.7880112,18

When you get there you´ll receive special indications of how to get onboard it is important mate, that you do it with time. 

Be ready to help me hide my treasure & enjoy a delicious dinner with me, also we might be able to see some cannibals on the shore. 

Want to get tickets to our pirate show in Cancun follow this link

Adventure in Cancun

If you need more information you know where to find me come with me and live an adventure in Cancun, Arrrgg & don´t think of betraying me or you will walk the plank!! We are waiting for you. The galleons are equipped with state of the art sound & video systems and fully air-conditioned areas. An indoor salon is perfect for romantic dinning with a spacious outer deck and upstairs area providing the ideal setting to view beautiful Cancun or enjoy lively dancing al fresco

 Captain James Hook

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