• Dinner, sailing and pirate show, what else do you need?

Captain Hook is synonymous of celebration, excitement and lots of fun, that is why you can not miss it on your next trip to Cancun or the Riviera Maya, we have the best pirate show ever! Become a real pirate and live an amazing adventure with the most fearsome pirates of the Caribbean Sea.

The sound of the cannons announces our departure, the captain, your host and M.C., will present his crew and relate adventures of his travels, the fun begins with contests, dancing and a full pirate show.

The Galleon I, The Bucanero II and the Black Pearl are authentic replicas of the Spanish galleons of the XVIII century.

Combining the history of piracy with the luxury and sophistication of 21st Century technology, our galleons are equipped with art sound & video systems and fully air-conditioned areas, our indoor salon is perfect for romantic dinning with a spacious outer deck and upstairs area providing the ideal setting to view beautiful Cancun or enjoy lively dancing.

During your dinner the pirates will provide you with a personal service and soft music. Meanwhile the captain entertains you with pirate escapades another ship slowly approaches from behind, cloaked in total darkness, pulling alongside our ship.

When everyone finds out the presence of the enemy and shouts for his men to take battle positions, cannons will be ready to fired, that is the perfect timing for you to be a part of our pirate show!

Pirates armed with swords and pistols jump from the masts landing on the deck, where a sword fight ensues between our crew and the other pirates.

But that is not everything, at dinner time Captain Hook invites you to a sumptuous feast with the finest cuts or tail of Caribbean lobster obtained from different battles. A buffet of salads, steamed vegetables, rice, baked potato, grilled chicken, meat or lobster selection and dessert. All this accompanied with the drink of your preference since the tour includes a national open bar during the whole trip.

What are you waiting to reserve the most amazing experience of your trip? Secure your place in our pirate show: https://www.capitanhook.com/

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