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Terms and Conditions

About the provision of services

In order to check in, it is necessary to present official identification (with photo and signature) of the reservation holder. If the reservation holder and the buyer are different persons, the buyer (card holder) must present official identification (with photo and signature). In case of not having the identification, you will not be able to do the activity and your reservation will not be valid.

For payments made by credit/debit card, in order to check in, it is necessary to present the card with which the payment was made to pick up the boarding tickets. If you do not have the identification, you will not be able to take the tour and your reservation will not be valid.

For payments made with Paypal, where the reservation holder and the buyer (Paypal account holder) are a different person, the buyer must present his/her official ID (with photo and signature), in addition, it will be necessary to present printed the Paypal Purchase Authorization Form that will be sent to you by email. In case of not having the identification and/or the form, the activity cannot be carried out and the reservation will not be valid.

If the person who made the payment will not attend the activity, he/she must notify by email to with a minimum of 12 hours. We will send the reservation holder a Purchase Authorization Form to be filled out by the person who made the payment where he/she transfers the rights to the tickets. The form requests information such as transaction number, name, date, etc., and should be sent back in the same email. If this form is not duly filled out, the reservation holder will not be able to pick up the tickets when checking in and the reservation will not be valid.

Payment and invoicing

Our prices are in Mexican Pesos. The prices mentioned in USD are for information purposes only. In case of paying with a non Mexican card, the exchange rate depends on your supplier, so the final amount in USD may vary; you will see the final amount reflected in your payment voucher.

In case you require an invoice, please request it within 24 hours after the payment is made. When requesting it, it is necessary to send the fiscal data to make the invoice.

Cancellation policies

Reservations canceled with 48 hours or more in advance will be eligible for a 100% refund.

Reservations canceled with 24 hours in advance will incur a 30% charge.

Reservations canceled with 12 hours in advance will incur a 50% charge.

No refund applies for reservations canceled with less than 12 hours in advance.

No refund applies for reservations made on the same day of the visit.

To cancel, it is necessary to send an email to with the reservation ID. Once the email is received, we will send you the request for the necessary documentation to start the process.

Documentation may include, among other things, payment receipts, booking confirmations, and any other document supporting the refund request.

The refund will be processed within a period of 7 to 15 business days once the complete documentation has been received and verified. The exact time may vary depending on the selected payment method (Paypal, Paypal Plus, Card, among others), also considering the processing time by your financial institution.

To ensure the effectiveness of the reimbursement process, complete documentation must be submitted during the same month in which the reimbursement request was made. If the required documentation is not submitted within the month, no refund will be applied to the request made and the case will be closed.

If you wish to change your original travel date, you must inform us at at least 12 hours prior to your original travel date. Otherwise, we will not proceed with the rescheduling.

There is no additional charge for rescheduling your activity. If you change the date of your original tour, you may reschedule it for up to 3 months after your purchase date, excluding our New Year's Eve tour.

We count with the open ticket flexible cancelation politic, this politic applies for modifications of anticipaded reservations due to force majeure causes, natural disasters, pandemics, closing of borders and other causes that affects the buyer, and it consists in that, the buyer can leave their reservation open and ask for a voucher that will be valid for one year for usage. Restrictions may apply, it is not valid for New Year´s tour. Valid for one use only.

Cancellations and refunds do not apply to previously rescheduled reservations.

No refunds will be applied to reservations deemed invalid due to failure to provide the requested information of the reservation holder and/or purchaser at the time of registration.


The surcharge per adult dinner ticket (12+ years old) is $20 USD and $10 USD per dinner ticket for children from 2 to 11 years old and/or minors in free children promotion. For each adult 2 children in promotion children free, for each additional child to this promotion must purchase a child dinner. This charge is MANDATORY and must be paid at check-in before boarding the ship.

In the event that any person who is part of the reservation does not attend, and you wish to consume the dinner, you must pay the surcharge corresponding to that ticket.

2 for 1 promotion

This promotion is valid for all customers. The 2x1 promotion applies only to the Grilled Chicken, Vegetarian Dinner and New York steak. In case of adding a minor (2 to 11 years old) to this promotion in adult dinners, the minor must pay the $20.00 USD surcharge for the adult ticket.

When selecting the dinners in Step 1 if you wish to take any of the dinners with the 2x1 promotion, you must select the total number of adults taking the tour, not the total of promotions, otherwise it will be necessary to pay the total of the other dinner at the office ticket and the promotion will not be valid. In case your reservation for 2x1 is incorrect, please contact us at to make the correction in your reservation confirmation.

When selecting the vegetarian dinner option you may choose from the options below:

  • Spring Pasta
  • Pasta With Mushrooms
  • Caesar Salad
  • Withfish fillet

The 2 for 1 promotion is valid from january 1 through december 30, 2024.

It does not apply to other promotions.

Promotion 2x1 applies only for individuals, not for private groups.

Advance purchase promotions

10% discount applies for reservations made 1 to 14 days in advance. Not valid on New Year's Eve dinner.

15% discount applies for reservations made 15 to 29 days prior to the tour date. Not valid on New Year's Eve dinner.

20% discount applies for reservations made 30 days prior to the tour date. Not valid on New Year's Eve dinner.

Does not apply on additional services such as transportation or premium bottles. Does not apply in the surcharge payment made at the ticket office. Does not apply with other promotions.

Free children promotion

Children from 2 to 11 years old in the "Free Kids Promotion" dine only from the children's buffet (pizza, hot dogs and nuggets). Includes open bar drinks (juices and / or soft drinks) and complements.

For each adult, 2 children are included in the "Free Kids Promotion", for each additional child in this promotion, a child's dinner must be purchased.

Infants (0-1 year old) do not pay surcharge and dine from the buffet.

We reserve the right to request identification for minors (2 to 11 years old) who are taller than 1.50 m (5 feet). In such cases, it will be necessary to present an official document proving the child's age within the range of 2 to 11 years old.

Acceptable documents for age verification: birth certificates, passports and identification documents issued by government authorities, as long as they clearly reflect the child's age.

29th Anniversary Promotion

The promotion is valid for the general public, presenting official identification (INE, driver's license or passport). Promotion valid only with the 2x1 on New York Steak dinner, Grilled Chicken and Vegetarian dinner, adult and minor. Promotion valid purchasing and boarding from 01 to 31 March, 2024. Applies only booking on the official website or buying directly at the ticket office. Discount and promotions don't apply on the surcharge, it's not cumulative with advance purchase discount. Surcharge not included.

Additional services

For reservations with transportation service, we will send an email to the email account that the client registered in "STEP 3. Reservation holder information." The client must confirm through the same email:

  • Full name of the hotel
  • Lobby if the hotel has more than one
  • Room number
  • Phone number

This information must be notified by the client before 12:00 p.m. on the day of the tour date. In case the confirmation of the information is not received on time, Capitán Hook will not provide the service, and no refund, cancellation, or rescheduling of the transportation service will be applied.

For any changes in the confirmed data, it will be important to request them by email and will be subject to availability considering a possible price adjustment if the change is in Zone.

To cancel reserved transportation services, it is necessary to notify at least 24 hours in advance. When booking this service, you will be asked by email to confirm the hotel, and the pick-up schedule will be shared with you. In case of not showing up at the defined pick-up point, no refund will apply, and the service cannot be rescheduled.

If staying at an AIRBNB, hostel, condominiums, boutique hotel, or any hotel outside our coverage area, the pick-up will be at a meeting point*, which will be confirmed through an email after you have made the purchase.

*The meeting point is defined according to the area and availability.

The collective transportation service is offered in two modalities: Round Trip (going and returning) and One Way (only returning). The Round Trip modality covers the journey from the Hotel to Capitán Hook, as well as from Capitán Hook back to the Hotel at the end of the show. On the other hand, the One Way option is available only at the end of the show, offering the trip from Capitán Hook to the previously confirmed point.

It is important to note that, in case of not using the collective transportation service completely or partially without having informed, it will be considered a "No show," and requests for cancellation, rescheduling, or modification will not be processed.

Our Round Trip collective transportation service includes 2 trips, going - Hotel or meeting point to Capitán Hook, and returning - Capitán Hook or hotel or meeting point.

Our One Way transportation includes 1 trip, returning - Capitán Hook or hotel or meeting point.

If one or both of the reserved trips have already been used, they cannot be used again once you have arrived at your meeting point or departure, without exceptions.

New Year's Eve Dinner

Only valid on December 31st. For this tour we have a special dinner. We do not accept cancellations, partial cancellations, refunds, rescheduling, or changes for New Year's Eve reservations.

The tour schedule is modified, the departure time is from 8:00pm to 1:00am.

As it is a special tour, when you purcharse your bottle you do not get an upgrade VIP area. To adquire this benefit you must add it to your reservation in the section: Add on Services > VIP. Price per adult $20 USD and $10 USD per child.

In case of bad weather

In case of bad weather, the Port Authority will decide to authorize or cancel the departure of the boats. Captain Hook is awaiting instructions until the last minute and is not authorized to decide or inform about the port's decisions, as these may change according to inclement weather. If the Port Authority decides to cancel the boat departures, the activity will be carried out anchored to the dock. In this circumstances no reimbursement applies since the activity is not cancelled.

In the event that weather conditions (heavy rains and/or strong winds) do not allow us to set sail normally, the activity will take place at the dock for the safety of passengers and crew. In this circumstances no refund applies since the activity is not cancelled.

In both cases, passengers may change the date of their activity and it will be necessary to notify us before boarding the vessel in order to make the change.

Rules to follow

Minors (-18 years old) are not allowed to board without being accompanied by a person over 18 years old.

For elderly people, pregnant women or people with disability or medical condition that requires assistance or a special area, it is essential to notify the staff of Captain Hook. In these cases, it is recommended that you request prior authorization from your doctor. Any person who participates in the activity will be considered under his or her own responsibility.

For people who may have a reaction to strobe lights it is advisable that they do not participate in the activity or that they notify us before boarding, so we can place them in areas where they are less affected; however, Captain Hook disclaims any responsibility in case of any incident as a result of these lights.

If you or a member of your family is under the influence of any alcoholic or illegal substance, or with an attitude that may affect the rest of the passengers, Captain Hook reserves the right to refuse admission to the ship.

Boarding with suitcases, large packages or pets is not permitted. We do not have lockers on the premises.

Appropriate clothing and footwear is required. It is forbidden to wear bathing suits, transparent clothing, wet clothes or similar clothing.

The use of cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, alcoholic beverages outside the activity, drugs or similar substances is prohibited.

Captain Hook reserves the right to refuse admission to the ship to persons who do not comply with the regulations.

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