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Promotions & Cancellation Policies

Captain Hook operates 365 days a year, it can only be canceled in case of severe weather conditions & we are not able to operate.

We kindly request that the person who made the booking bring official identification (or copy), which should be presented at check in prior to boarding the ship. If the ID is not presented then the reservation will not be valid and you will not be able to board the tour.

If the reservation is a gift or the person who made the payment will not be going on the tour it is necessary that you contact us by email immediately. If not done so and the identification presented at check in does not coincide with the card holder information then the reservation will not be valid.

For more information about this please contact us at


The Surcharge is an additional maritime charge that must be paid prior to boarding the ship, this supplement is a traveler's insurance that covers security, diesel, dock service, etc. The cost is $14USD per adult and $5USD for the 1st and 2nd child (2 to 12 years), as from the 3rd child the cost is $10 USD per child. This must be paid at check in. The Surcharge is not included in the price of the dinner.

2X1 Promotion

This promotion applies only for the Grilled Chicken dinner option or New York Steak. In case of adding a child between the ages of 2 to 12 in the Promotion, they will have to pay the Surcharge of $14.00 usd.

  • Promotion is valid from 1st January until 30th December 2019.
  • Doesn't apply to other promotions.
  • 2x1 Promotion applies only to individuals, not private groups.

Advance purchase promotions

  • 15% discount applies for reservations booked before July 13th, 2019 . Not valid at the New Year's dinner.
  • 20% discount applies for reservations 30 days in advance of the tour date. Not valid at the New Year's dinner.
  • Does not apply to other promotions.

Free Children Promotion

For The Surcharge payment children from the ages of 2 to 12 years pay $5.00 USD for the 1st and 2nd child, as from the 3rd child the cost is $10 USD per child. The children can eat from the Buffet (Salad bar, Steamed Vegetables, Mashed potatoes, Pasta, Nuggets, Hot Dogs, French Fries & Dessert)

  • Maximum 3 children per adult in this promotion.
  • Infants (0-1yrs) are free and eat from the Buffet.
  • Children as from 2yrs pay the Round Trip Transportation.
  • Maximum 12 children per reservation.

New Year's Eve Dinner

  • Only valid on December 31st. On this day we serve a special dinner menu. Promotions are not valid for New Year’s Eve & reservations must be guaranteed.
  • We do not accept cancellations, refunds nor changes for the New Year’s bookings.
  • The time of tour on this day is modified, departure is at 8:00pm to 1:00am.

Cancelations or booking modifications

Reservations canceled 48 hours in advance or longer, will not have an additional charge.

Reservations canceled 24 hours in advance will have a charge of 30%.

Reservations canceled 12 hours in advance will have a charge of 50%

If you do not cancel with a minimum of 12 hours in advance and not arrive at your tour your reservation will not be refunded.

If your reservation is with Transportation and you need to change the date of the tour it is necessary to notify 48hrs before the tour date. If the change or cancelation is not notified within 12Hrs, the transportation fee will be charged.

For cancellations and refunds you must send an email to with the following information. (Even if you contact us by telephone or social networks, it is necessary to request cancellation via e-mail, otherwise it will not be processed):

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Booking Number
  • Tour date

If you wish to change the date of your tour you must inform with no less than 24 hours before the date of your tour.

Cancellations and refunds do not apply for changes of dates or scheduled tours.

If you decide to change the date of your tour you can reschedule it for no later than 3 months, it can be for any day during the year except for our New Year's Tour.

In case of bad weather

In case of bad weather The Harbourmaster determines whether the ships may sail or if they have to stay docked at the pier. Captain Hook has to wait to be advised if the port is closed or not, this decision can be made at the last moment and can be changed according to the weather.

If the harbour is closed due to weather conditions, the tour takes place at the dock for your safety. If this happens you will have the option to change the date of your tour, this must be notified 12hrs prior to the tour or it can also be advised prior to boarding the ship. In these circumstances we do not issue refunds as the tour is not cancelled and Captain Hook acts under the instructions of The Harbourmaster.


For people who may have a reaction to strobe lights, it is advisable not to board the boat or to notify us before boarding so that we can accommodate you in areas where you will not be affected.

If you or a family member is under the influence of any alcoholic or illegal substance, Captain Hook reserves the right to prevent admission to the ship.

**Our prices are subject to change without notice

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