Being a pirate does not only mean sailing, there are also  many actions, and activities that must be done to be part of this select group of people who live more fun adventures when boarding the most famous pirate ship in Cancun: Captain Hook.

Do you already have your buccaneer flag with crossbones? Make it your most important accessory from now on! Follow your Captains orders and be part of his crew, take out your pirate self, since it is an essential part of your new tasks.

Always show your great sense of location by carrying a compass, with the style of Captain Jack Sparrow. Be ready to have the best pirate attitude on Captain hook and prepare yourself to sail Cancun’s shoreline aboard an incredible pirate ship.

Carry your sword with you at all times, because clashes with rivals may occur on this fun journey, as there is always the opportunity to observe an epic battle, while you enjoy our national open bar, dances and endless games.

And you cannot forget the rum! Get ready because at Captain Hook drinks flow without stopping; also prepare your stomach for a unique banquet, choose your main dish wisely and dance while in line for the buffet.

Use a large eye patch, because the wooden leg is not always the best option; but like every good fighter he has to show his strength and conviction. Something very important is to always keep your treasure close, because the crew can go crazy with so much brightness while the cannons hit the seven seas.

If, like us, the adventure calls you, pack now and book your trip to the pirate ship of Cancun. Captain Hook sails always at 7 pm. Book now at, visit the reservations section and choose the best promotion.

The most famous pirate ship in Mexico awaits you!



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