Know the story of Reiner Schmidt, Northern

Reiner Schmidt, better known as Northern, is one of the most rash and courageous Pirates of all seas.

The information of his birth are not clear due to the big number of enemies he accumulated during the golden age of piracy, he decided to remove any information that would allow his opponents to have any sign on him.

He dabbled in piracy since childhood, because he told his few friends, his family was engaged in fishing and maritime commerce, which gave him an unparalleled experience on the high seas, calling the attention of the captains who invited him to be part of his crew.

His talent went beyond the experience as a sailor, because his skill with the sword and guns, made that each looting was a success, its main objective was always the ports of the France’s coasts, England and Ireland, but also ships of a few wretches who became victims of their fury.

His wealth was growing with the passage of time, accumulating unimaginable amounts of gold and precious stones, which used to give away among the people who needed it in every village he visited, his only weakness was taste for rum and women

In his last incursion into a new world, Northern came to the coasts of the Caribbean Sea, where formed a solid friendship with the greatest pirate of all times, the legendary Captain Hook, who accompanies in the best adventure of his life.

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